Tattooed Skin Sweats LESS than un- tattooed skin


A recent study has found that tattooed skin sweats at a rate of about half of that of un-tattooed skin. So anyone who is tatted needs to be careful exercising in extreme heat or humidity. The more tatted you are the harder your body has to work to sweat. Sweating is a natural defense to cool the body down. If you are really tatted and your body is not sweating enough you will eventually overheat and even go into heat exhaustion.

If you are tatted and are working out in extreme heat or humidity I suggest you have some cold water, a cold towel, and maybe even an ice pack handy. Use the cold water to cool your body off, don’t drink it. We do not want to send the body into shock by drinking a lot of cold water. Stick to room temperature or chilled water when exercising. Ice water  is a no no.

So for example..

  • Tattooed skin would release 30ml of sweat where as un-tattooed skin(under the same conditions) would release roughly 60ml of sweat

side notes from the article

  • Eccrine sweat glands are stimulated primarily by sympathetic cholinergic nerve fibers using the neurotrans- mitter acetylcholine.
  • Tatted athletes need to pay close attention to body temperature during exercise as their sweat glands are disrupted which then makes it hard for the glands to releases sweat and cool the body



Download here.. Skin_Tattoos_Alter_Sweat_Rate_and_Na_.19

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