The Lymphatic System During Exercise

Please keep in mind I don’t ever edit anything.. so uh, just deal with it i guess..

This is more for me than you anyway..

This week in my Anatomy class we are studying the Lymphatic system and its functions.

In order for me to better understand this system (and in hopes of getting better grades) I’ve studied various articles (some scholarly, some not) on how this system works during exercise and how its going to apply to me as a personal trainer in the future.

So lets get right into it..

What is the Lymphatic system?

  •  A one way transportation system which regulates tissue volume and pressure, and helps aid our immune system

The General role of the lymphatic system during exercise..

  • Return plasma proteins and leaked fluid back to the cardiovascular system

Why is this so important?

  • The lymphatic system returns the plasma proteins and fluids back to the cardiovascular system… the cardiovascular system returns the plasma proteins and fluids back into the blood
  • I’m assuming that getting the plasma proteins and fluid back into the blood would replenish them..
  • more to come here in the future..




Acknowledgments/ Sources

Kirstin Lane, Dan Worsley, and Don McKenzie


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